Matt Chace is an artist that commands any crowd with his wicked guitar licks, bluesy voice, and endless song list. In New England, he’s known to “keep the fire going” with his music at ski resorts, casinos, pubs, breweries and clubs as well as private and public events. From older classics to modern hits and originals, over 20 years of performing enables Matt Chace to tailor his show to any audience that’s looking to have fun!

Experience Matt

Experience Matt consists of all of Matt Chace’s music projects. Currently, Matt is playing solo, acoustic shows covering music from virtually every decade and with a new electric power trio, The Scripts. When not doing shows, Matt is working on writing new material for recording and playing live. This is the place to find all the info about upcoming shows, listen to music, browse photos and videos, or read about what Matt’s doing now.

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